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    • A history of India (GCP)
    • The mysterious Etruscans (GCP)
    • A Short history of everything – Bill Bryson
    • Fingerprints of the Gods – Graham Hancock
    • Grown ups guide to dinosaurs – Ben Garrod
    • Stephen Fry´s Victorian secrets – Stephen Fry u.a.
    • Big History of Civilisations (GCP)
    • Introduction to Paleontology (GCP)
    • A New History of Life (GCP)
    • The Early Middle Ages (GCP)
    • The High Middle Ages (GCP)
    • The Great Voyages (GCP)
    • The decisive battles of history (GCP)
    • Supernatural Serial Killers – Samantha Lyon
    • Bill Bryson’s Appliance of Science – Bill Bryson
    • At Home; A short history of private life – Bill Bryson